Auscfhost Camfrog Hosting Terms and Conditions - Client Management, Invoice and Support

Aussie Camfrog Hosting Terms Of Service!

At Updated: November 2017


Aussie Camfrog Hosting accept no responsibility for activities conducted in the chatrooms.

CamFrog Tos

All individuals purchasing hosting with Aussie Camfrog Hosting should ensure that Camfrog Terms of Service are enforced at all times.

Room Setup

Please allow up to 24 to 48 hours for all new room orders. This is usually faster.


All individuals purchasing hosting with Aussie Camfrog Hosting will ensure that no activity takes place in your room that is illegal under the laws applicable to the region in which the room is shown as located.

Missed PayMent

In the event of missed payment you should contact us within 24 hours to make suitable arrangements, failure to do so could result in the room being suspended until payment is received, or even the room being closed.

In the event

In the event that Aussie Camfrog Hosting can no longer permanently fulfill the requirements detailed in the "Price" section, then the arrangement will be cancelled and any refund due will be paid .

Additional charges

There are no additional or hidden charges.


Abuse to any member of Aussie Camfrog Hosting Owners, Administrators or Operatives will not be tolerated, and can result in the immediate termination of any agreement without refund, subject to the discretion of Aussie Camfrog Hosting.


If you are registering an 18+ room, you are agreeing that you are over the age of 18


Must not change the room user limit set by Aussie Camfrog Hosting if we find that a customer has changed the room user limit we may cancel your room.

Room Excess

If your room is constantly reaching its user set limit it can be increased for a rate of $20 per 50 users.


If any customer is found to be breaking the rules of this TOS or the camfrog TOS then your services will be cancelled without refund.


We offer a 24 Hour money back guarantee on room hosting accounts, excluding domain registration fees and addons. If you are not satisfied with our service, please cancel your account within 24 hours of signup via the billing control panel. We do not offer any form of refunds on our VPS servers.

18+ Activity It is the room owner responsibility to ensure NO adult activity is to be conducted in a General Zone room. If your room is found to be breaking this rule your room code will be placed under 18+ zone only. If you continue to breach this rule your service will be cancelled without refund.